South Florida Business Journal: Power Leaders in Real Estate

South Florida Business Journal: Power Leaders in Real Estate

December 19, 2017

In many ways, South Florida’s skylines, shorelines and cityscapes have helped define our global appearance. They’re attractive, iconic and world class.

Many of the architects, developers, real estate professionals and property owners behind our marquee and emerging developments are as well-known as the projects they’ve become associated with.

But who are these executives?

With this year’s Power Leaders in Real Estate list, we decided to probe a little more to get a better glimpse into what personal history and philosophies have driven their success. We asked about their greatest career accomplishments, what motivates – or “drives” – them, what have been their greatest rewards and challenges, even what one question they would ask of one person.

What we get is a glimpse into the minds behind the properties. What we discover are the personalities who continue to make South Florida a thriving global destination.

Yoram Izhak

President and CEO, IMC Equity Group

696 N.E. 125th St., North Miami 33161

(305) 893-9955

Birthplace: Tel Aviv

Education: Miami-Dade Community College

Greatest professional accomplishment: Founding IMC Equity Group in 2002 with one property and one employee. Today it’s a $1.2 billion company with over 10 million square feet in its portfolio and over 80 employees.

Key to your success: Getting up very early, perseverance, lots of hard work.

What drives you? The thrill of the next deal.

Personal note: I am not as tough as people think after they get to know me.

If you could ask one person one question: I would ask my father, who passed away last year: “How is it on the other side?”