Incorporated in 2002, IMC Property Management, Inc., was founded by Yoram Izhak and Eric Maller. The company is headquartered in North Miami, Florida on the outskirts of what is recognized as Bal Harbour. Originally started with only one employee, IMC Property Management grew and developed into a full service commercial real estate holding company employing over 120 full-time employees.

Well-established in the industry, IMC has proven to be resilient. It is that resiliency that allowed IMC to become a strong standard in the South Florida Real Estate Holding industry particularly during the challenging times of the great recession . IMC’s strong belief in meeting its obligations with investors, banks, contractors, brokers and service providers alike allowed it to continue moving forward.

The company’s leader Yoram Izhak is a lifelong entrepreneur possessing a strong instinct for business and well-versed in commercial real estate. His belief in purchasing investments of sound quality have resulted in a well-diversified portfolio of commercial properties presently valued at over $1 Billion and encompassing 10 million of rentable square feet. Prior to investing in real estate, Yoram Izhak, was involved in the apparel industry, as owner of Five Y Clothing he regularly exceeded sales of $100MM annually. Yoram sold his apparel company in 2005 and since then remained a consultant to the current ownership, which primarily sells to Sears, K-Mart, Target, and Wal-Mart.

In 2014 IMC Property Manangement and Maintenance rebranded to IMC Equity Group allowing the company to emphasize its position as a premier Real Estate Holding Company.

It is IMC’s philosophy and culture to run the company like a family. From our administration to our in-house attorneys, everyone plays a part in IMC’s success and achievements. Those relationships have been the pillar which have allowed us to succeed in all aspects of our industry.

Mission Statement

IMC Equity Group’s mission is to continue acquiring high quality and economically viable commercial assets in-line with our tenants and private shareholders expectations and values; while investing in our human capital and recognizing this as our best asset, all in a relaxed family- oriented culture.